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Solve backup storage
once and for all...


ExaGrid is focused on backup storage. All of ExaGrid’s employees are highly trained on backup and backup storage. ExaGrid’s field sales and system engineering teams are backup storage experts.

ExaGrid field teams gather requirements and propose the appropriate system for the environment.
Unlike primary storage, deduplication appliances require system sizing. All ExaGrid systems engineers are equipped with a sizing calculator to ensure that your system is sized properly.

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Exagrid Products

Exagrid Products

ExaGrid’ s unique approach to disk-based backup delivers the fastest backups, restores, VM boots, and offsite tape copies as well as the only fixed-length backup window as data grows. In addition, ExaGrid’s scale-out GRID architecture and various size appliances allows customer to buy what they need as they need it, avoiding disruptive and costly forklift upgrades. Customers are able to mix older and newer appliances in the same GRID, eliminating product obsolescence and protecting the IT investment up front and over time.