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Tintri Hybrid-Flash Storage

Conventional storage doesn't play nice with cloud-native applications. The Tintri Hybrid-Flash Array does. Count on Tintri's CONNECT architecture to control costs and performance, delivering per-application analytics and operations. Join more than 20 of the Fortune 100 in trusting Tintri with enterprise cloud.

Tintri All-Flash Array

You can’t trust conventional all-flash arrays with cloud-native applications. But you can trust the Tintri All-Flash Array. With Tintri’s CONNECT architecture, you can guarantee application performance, automate IT tasks, and predict scaling needs. That’s why more than 20 of the Fortune 100 trust Tintri with enterprise cloud.

Exagrid Products

ExaGrid’ s unique approach to disk-based backup delivers the fastest backups, restores, VM boots, and offsite tape copies as well as the only fixed-length backup window as data grows. In addition, ExaGrid’s scale-out GRID architecture and various size appliances allows customer to buy what they need as they need it, avoiding disruptive and costly forklift upgrades. Customers are able to mix older and newer appliances in the same GRID, eliminating product obsolescence and protecting the IT investment up front and over time.

Showing 3 results