Trung tâm Công nghệ và Đào tạo Robusta

Proof of Concept Lab (PoC)

Our customers have direct access to our executive briefing center and state-of-the-art demo lab. Our Proof-of-Concept Lab (POC) has been recognized as a Cloud Center.

Businesses interested in using the facility have the ability to leverage the lab as a local executive briefing center for design, planning, demonstrations and proof-of-concepts. From the POC Lab, we can demonstrate the following capabilities:

      • Advanced infrastructure deployment and configuration
      • Advanced application deployment and configuration
      • Demo and POC
      • Technology and skills proving ground
      • Software Development

The POC Lab contains the latest converged infrastructure hardware from a variety of manufacturers, giving us a competitive advantage over other area solution providers. We have direct access to the latest technology and firmware for hands-on interaction and testing.